English is the gateway language to the realm of global publishing. The Text Consultant polishes your written materials until they shine like jewels. So let’s get you published.

The Text Consultant takes care of your translations from Dutch into English and the language editing of your English materials.
The Text Consultant provides output that is in tune with the tone of your material and appropriate to your target readership.
The Text Consultant never fails to meet an agreed deadline.
The Text Consultant understands that you may be providing certain information that must be kept confidential and ensures the protection of such information.

English Translation

Translation is a craft and an art. As a craft, it is about the application of rule-bound language systems. As an art, it is about an aesthetic sensitivity to intangible but powerful forces that affect meaning: rhythm & flow, proportion & balance, texture & colour, tone. I have a firm grasp of composition. This means I take the architecture into account at the word, sentence, paragraph and section levels of your text. All these elements come into play to produce a translation that is a faithful rendition of its source and a smooth fabric in its own right.

Language Editing

My approach is as follows. If you are submitting to a journal, I correct or improve anything in the English that will further acceptance by the journal, taking into account the Instructions for Authors of the journal of your choice. This may also pertain to paragraph structure. Everything is done with Track Changes so all my interventions will be apparent to you. I do not touch content, do not rewrite and do not correct the References section. My average speed is four pages an hour and in general I will return a paper within a week. Maximum effect in minimum time.

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