Rikkert Stuve: A portrait in 7 quotes

Rikkert Stuve


MA in English, Sheffield University
MA in English, Nijmegen University, cum laude
Bilingual language proficiency
Ability to stay on target within a defined timeframe
Ability to connect with people and their aspirations
Thirty years’ experience

From the world of clients:

It is Rikkert’s strength that he makes you discover what needs to be done and then infuses you with the self-confidence to go ahead and do it.

(Monic Schijvenaars)

From the world of Hollywood:

The most powerful delivery system ever invented for an idea is a story.

(Aaron Sorkin)

From the world of publicity:

As you get older, you understand that there is no such thing as objectivity. Objectivity? What a load of hypocritical bull. It’s all about taste. Passion.


From the world of architecture:

So many buildings these days are ugly. They lack order: the coherence of all component parts. In other words: the fundamental principle is missing.

(Maaike Dicke)

From the world of music:

Never go chasing after things but embrace what’s coming your way.

(Louis van Dijk)

From the world of the stage:

My impresario has the gift to see things in a performance that is as yet unfinished.

(Micha Wertheim)

From the world of wisdom:

What you hear, you forget. What you see, you remember. What you do, you understand.

(Chinese proverb)

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